Services and Specialties

We are a young company providing advise and expertise in the field of Science and Technology. 

  • We have three decades of experience in innovative research at the interdisciplinary interface of Physics and Chemistry. 
  • We have a wide global network of leading scientists. 
  • We advise on new project developments, finance opportunities and feasibility studies. 
  • We market and develop specific business opportunities with innovative technology that has been developed during the more than 30 year academic career of Maurice Janssen. 
Specifically, we currently market a device for the production of intense molecular beams for various applications in academic research and large scale infrastructures like synchrotrons and Free-Electron-Laser facilities. Under development is innovative technology to implement a novel mass-spectrometer for the enantiomer specific direct MS-detection of chiral molecules in multi-component mixtures. More information on the novel MS-PECD technology development can be found at this link.

In the overview below you will find further details on our Services and Specialties. Just contact us for further info, any questions or potential collaborations, see detailed contact info here.



  • Expert knowledge and expertise on:
  1. various classes of lasers: ultrafast, tunable and continuous
  2. vacuum, electronics and optics
  3. molecular beams, particle imaging and detectors
  • Fund raising expertise at national and European level
  • Communication and interaction with top scientists
  • Scientific writing and reporting, reviewing project applications. We have a 50% success rate with getting proposals for the EU ERC Advanced Grants program, that we advised on, funded.