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25th Unit of Amsterdam Cantilever Piezo Valve Sold

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by Maurice Janssen   [ updated May 16, 2015, 5:22 AM ]

In December 2012 the 25th unit of the Amsterdam Cantilever Piezo Valve was sold to a National Laboratory in USA.The Piezo Valve was developed by the group of prof. Maurice Janssen at LaserLaB Amsterdam in close collaboration with both the Mechanical and Electronics shop of the Faculty of Sciences, in particular mr. Rob Kortekaas, mr. Mario Molenaar and mr. Han Voet. The valve enables the production of intense and very short pulses of gas at high repetition rate. The instrument was developed for research at LaserLaB and reported in the literature (Rev. Sci. Instruments 80, 113303, 2009). It was decided to commercialize the instrument and the valve has now been sold to groups all over Europe, USA, China and Japan. Prof. Janssen remarked: “It is extremely rewarding that a key instrument that we developed for our own research is available to outside users. I am very pleased that leading laboratories all over the world, e.g. various Max Planck Institutes and Synchrotron facilities in Germany, Switzerland and USA, have decided to purchase our instrument. The excellent collaboration with the technical support shops of the Faculty of Sciences of VU University Amserdam makes this successful valorization project possible.

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